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How different is it to be a CEO in 2021 than it was back then? I dont want to be seen as an administrator, but as an architect. Look, if you make mistakes, recognize the mistakes and correct them and move forward to make certain that you correct the mistakes. That was not the case in 2015. Speed is the challenge, and the key question is, how can we as a global company simplify our operations with a strong IT focus? Every business decision contains an element of risk. You could try anything, test your mettle, and emerge either as an incredible success or a spectacular failure. After a hiatus of several months, on April 1, 2005 Rorsted joined the Management Board of Henkel, a Dsseldorf-based company. to be the best sports brand in the world and to do it sustainably. The page you are currently on does not have a translated version. Video. Kasper Rorsted: I am convinced that a visible and accessible leadership style is most effective. What do you like about the product? To date, we have trained more than 1,300 sustainability ambassadors, and more than 6,700 children in 23 countries have attended a sustainability session. But I think that the most profound difference for us is that we were making it an integral part of our business model. CNBC also offers content through its vast portfolio of digital products such as: CNBC.com, which provides financial market news and information to CNBC's investor audience; CNBC Make It, a digital destination focused on making you smarter about how you earn, save and spend your money; CNBC Select, a financial site providing content to help users make informed decisions around choosing the right financial products for their lives; CNBC PRO, a premium service that provides in-depth access to Wall Street; a suite of CNBC mobile apps for iOS and Android devices; Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri voice interfaces; and streaming services including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Samsung Smart TVs. From zero to hero and back again it was all possible in the blink of an eye. t-shirts and cool sneakers., At a private breakfast with Executive Bulls donors, someone asked if he prefers people He said it was his first trip to the U.S. since before the pandemic in 2019. We have set the ambitious target of generating 20 billion in sales by 2016, 10 billion of which we expect to come from emerging markets. The sportswear giant announced today that its supervisory board extended the appointment of the executive chief for another five years. When formulating the values, we had to avoid the temptation, whether conscious or unconscious, to leave a back door open. Advisory Council, serves on the Nestl board alongside Rrsted and was instrumental We've talked about environment. And as long as we can deliver a product that doesn't compromise on performance or price to the consumer, eventually the consumer will be very open. Everything from how you interact in political issues to how well you take care of your employees, diversity and inclusion. As consumer companies continue to expand their global presence, they face a host of formidable challenges: among them, staying close to the consumer, finding and attracting local talent, and managing an increasingly complex and far-flung organization. The most important part is we're committed to China, as I said, we have three to 400,000 jobs that are depending on Adidas, so we have to make sure that we continue to be successful also in the future. Egon Zehnder: Listening to you, the change process seems very straightforward and simple. In past interviews, he has talked about the importance of driving sustainable products Of course, a Management Board member cant assume the role of the supervisor, but we do have to be a visible presence to our management talents and show that we value them. Rorsted: And we do that also, we have pulled the plug in the past. And for them, it's a very important, you know, criteria. This interview with Kasper Rorsted, the chief executive of Henkel, the consumer and industrial products company based in Dsseldorf, Germany, was conducted and condensed by Adam Bryant. But on Black Lives Matter. Last September the company organized its second global How do these two concepts help generate consumer insights? There were no rules. recognized speakers, entrepreneurs, and innovators in business and industry for informal With the assistance of two Harvard Business School professors, in 2009 we asked ourselves what it would take to implement our goals and our strategy. We have defined a set of leadership principles and shared them with all our people managers worldwide in a series of workshops. This website is maintained by Muma College of Business. To read more about issues critical to retailers and consumer-packaged-goods leaders globally, download McKinseys second issue ofPerspectives on retail and consumer goods (PDF3.7MB). At USF, the athletics department is in the fourth year of an eight-year partnership Tampa | St. Petersburg | Sarasota-Manatee. for 32 years and has four kids. And we've also seen that, you know, consumers while they say they're willing to pay for sustainability, eventually, they want to pay the same for sustainable products on unsustainable products. empathic, calm and a strategic thinker. Discover job vacancies, find out how to apply to them, and learn more about careers at Maersk. Where do you see room for improvement? But right now we are doing that. What do you miss? We respect and are proud of our culture and history because they are an important part of what made Henkel the outstanding company it is today. in getting Rrsted as a featured speaker. I eat with employees in our canteens whenever I am traveling or here at headquarters. and authors in business and industry for informal talks that cover a wide range of Its employees represent Days does countdowns. Kasper Rorsted: "We were the first to combine pop culture and sports [with West]. Continuity and strong leadership . It also meant that we had to take some major decisions that were unpopular at first, but the employees recognized our determination. the co-founder of Netflix, who spoke in 2019, and Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of In addition, he is a self-confessed fan of soccer team Bayern Munich. There are no human winners in this game. Copyright 2023,University of South Florida. It therefore came as no surprise when, in February 2012, Kasper Rorsteds contract as CEO was extended for another five years. Once they have been addressed, a quota becomes useless. We will go deep in the markets where we already have a strong presence, and we will selectively enter new growth markets. And when we looked upon Allbirds, you know, they've done been doing a great job on certain elements of innovation, we can bring the footwear expertise into it, which they probably had to a lesser extent. Rorsted: You know, it's hard to remember back then. And there are certain elements that are very closely related to sport. The Supervisory Board of adidas AG has extended the appointment of Chief Executive Officer Kasper Rorsted by another five years until the 31st of July 2026. Then your employees will follow you as well. Leader Series. deal with Adidas. In 2010 we held almost 5,000 workshops in which I participated personally as often as I could to communicate our vision, values, and targets to all our employees around the globe. And right now, we're not making the same marginal issue as the normal Stan Smith, but over time, we will be. That taught me a lesson: if you just administrate, you sink; if you take an active role in shaping things, you have the best chance of survival. Henkel has set ambitious sustainability goals, including what you call Factor 3a threefold increase in efficiency by 2030. And every year you're going to have you know, a new, I would say disruption, whatever we want to call it. Rrsted wore a grey hoodie, jeans, and the beta version of the companys 4D running But we stayed firm and didnt let ourselves get derailed by obstacles. Rorsted: You know, I spent a lot of time listening to make sure that I really understood the situation at the appropriate level. its laser-sharp focus on expanding the brand across the globe while putting its customers Our people are important to me and I hope that they realize it. Henkels roster of brands includes Persil detergent, Dial soap, Fa deodorant, and Loctite glue. Egon Zehnder: What do you think of a mandatory quota for women in management the subject of heated debate in Germany? Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and Analysis. We have already accomplished a great deal, but we are aiming even higher. Kasper Rorsted, who has been Adidas CEO since 2016, will step down sometime next year, and the search for his replacement has begun, the sports footwear and apparel brand said Monday. Egon Zehnder: After a career devoted solely to IT, at the age of 42 you decided to change industries. You know, diversity and inclusion is one also. Rrsted, 60, has been described as a highly successful and competent leader who is You've been putting ocean plastics in your shoes since 2015, have a whole new set of ambitious announcements. Then youll be successful. This advice has become my life motto. Kasper Rorsted. said. Siemens AG, Germany (board member and member of the Innovation Committee), International Business Studies, Copenhagen Business College, Denmark, Executive Program, Harvard Business School, USA. This puts us ahead of most companies in Germany, but at the top management levels we are not much better than other firms. You won't become the leading player with the old styles of management, says the Runtastic CEO, who is continually reviewing his own leadership qualities with the help of a personal coach and a mentor. And that's why we also making collaborations, as you said before, even with competitors of ours. In 2018 he won the German Image Award, an honor that praises the top CEO for their That belongs to what we need to do. This system works very wellaround 80 percent of managerial positions at Henkel are filled through internal promotions. Rorsted: I personally believe that you can only be successful in the long run if you keep asking yourself what can be done better and where potential is still hidden. Kasper Rorsted has been head of Adidas since 2016. But overall, I do think it's important that we respect different opinions at different times. topics. to New York-based Authentic Brands closed on March 1. But of course, when it comes to our values, the entire leadership team has to lead by example. The Ukrainian border is 1,000 miles Rorsted: There can be a number of reasons. Eisen: Well on that note, I noticed that you have a new collaboration with Allbirds for a very low carbon footprint shoe. In these meetings, managers at all levels and their teams developed a sustainability action plan for their own particular areas, defining concrete measures for achieving the targets on the road to Factor 3. And we use Parley for ocean plastic. In my opinion, a person who has never failed or made a mistake has probably never taken enough risks. Kasper Rorsted confirmed as CEO of adidas for more 5 years. See Kasper B Rorsted's compensation, career history, education, & memberships. Executives are only human in difficult situations they too tend to start looking for good excuses for why something cant be done at the present time. of Business Thought Leader Series. And some employees accused you of being hypocritical, your head of HR left. manufacturer Henkel. Now we are down to less than 400, and yes, theres still potential to focus further. And I think you'll see that also when we bring it out, it's coming out this year going into volume next year. Rrsted said collegiate partnerships such as the one with USF help the company reach And once we recruit them, we have to retain them. Kasper Rorsted will join the adidas Group as a member of the Executive Board on August 1, 2016 in order to ensure a smooth transition at the helm of the Group together with Herbert Hainer. Furthermore, I am certain that if I were to tell our managers tomorrow that no changes would take place at Henkel for the next three years, no one would believe me. Toyota Respects Employees According to Liker, Toyota's leadership style emphasizes the importance of respect for its people. Is it the recycled polyester going fully there by 2024? He holds a degree in international Where do we want to go as a company? The Muma College of Business Thought Leader Series began in 2018 to attract nationally How much progress have you made along this path? Innovation is what our company is about. Our management team has become more diverse as well: three of the six members of our management board are non-Germans, and in the managerial levels immediately below, more than half come from abroad. Egon Zehnder: Is transforming a companys culture primarily a question of communication, then? And I think and I don't mean this disrespectfully, but to European companies, maybe also due to regulation, has tended to be ahead. The company employs You try to do the right thing, it happens most of the time and not always. We will continue to strengthen our position in growth markets like China, Russia, and Brazil. We also went out and was very public about it. McKinsey: Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are topics of growing importance. This was an intensive effort to ensure that each and every one of our people knows where the journey is taking us and what contribution they can make. Where do you see Henkel today in this respect, and what challenges are looming on the horizon? Most people want to play for the winning team, want to be personally successful, but they also want to have a certain amount of support. We have adjusted to continuous change and know that we have to keep getting better. By the way, I do the same: whenever I travel, I visit stores and talk to consumers.

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